Comité van Aanbeveling

Prof. dr. J. de Vries - Beschermheer der B.I.L.
Prof. mr. dr. C.J.J.M. Stolker - Rector Magnificus Universiteit Leiden
Prof. dr. B. Steunenberg - Professor in Public Administration
Hans Wiegel - Oud-vice minister-president
Prof. dr. Th.A.J. Toonen - Hoogleraar institutionele Bestuurskunde Universiteit Twente & Universiteit Leiden
Dr. G.J. Wijers - Voorzitter Nationaal Comité Inhuldiging, Vervangend Voorzitter Shell
Sophie in ‘t Veld - Europarlementarier
Dr. A.H.G. Rinnooy Kan - Lid Eerste Kamer en voormalig voorzitter SER

Meet & Greet Masters

On the 30th of November from 5pm till 7pm the B.I.L. will invite many organizations for a meet & greet with master students for internships. Are you looking for an internship or do you want orientate yourself on an internship, then join us on this event to talk and network on this subject. This event will be held in the restaurant of Stichthage, above The Hague Central Station. More information on the organizations that will be present is coming soon. You can subscribe here: