Comité van Aanbeveling

Prof. dr. J. de Vries - Beschermheer der B.I.L.
Prof. mr. dr. C.J.J.M. Stolker - Rector Magnificus Universiteit Leiden
Prof. dr. B. Steunenberg - Professor in Public Administration
Hans Wiegel - Oud-vice minister-president
Prof. dr. Th.A.J. Toonen - Hoogleraar institutionele Bestuurskunde Universiteit Twente & Universiteit Leiden
Dr. G.J. Wijers - Voorzitter Nationaal Comité Inhuldiging, Vervangend Voorzitter Shell
Sophie in ‘t Veld - Europarlementarier
Dr. A.H.G. Rinnooy Kan - Lid Eerste Kamer en voormalig voorzitter SER

G4S Crisis and Security Master Drink

Master students, block your agendas on the 27th of September! The study association of public administration, the B.I.L., would like to invite you to our G4S formal business drink. You will also meet master students from the study association of political science. G4S is market leader in the field of safety and security solutions. You will get the opportunity to meet the Dutch board of G4S during this formal business drink. In the past, several members of our study association have successfully completed their internships at this global player. Would you like to take this opportunity and have a drink with G4S? We will meet you at the G4S Crisis and Security drink at Café Berger (Plein 18, The Hague) at 5PM. The dress code is formal.