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When you choose Public Administration in The Hague, the membership of the B.I.L. a logical choice. For only € 17.50 per year you are already a member of our beautiful study association. For this you get access to the association magazine that is published four times a year, in which you get to know your teachers in a different way and you can see the photos of your favorite activities. Also an almanac is released every year with nice articles, photos and addresses. In addition, you also get a considerable discount (often more than 10%) on the purchase of your study books, making the membership of the B.I.L. quickly pay back. The nice thing about the B.I.L. is that she organizes various activities for the members with both a formal and social character.

Interested? You can become a member by completing the form below online.

For questions about membership and the passing on of changes, please contact Dennis Hulsbosch ( Even if you no longer wish to be a member, you can contact the secretary.

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