Comité van Aanbeveling

Prof. dr. J. de Vries - Beschermheer der B.I.L.
Prof. mr. dr. C.J.J.M. Stolker - Rector Magnificus Universiteit Leiden
Prof. dr. B. Steunenberg - Professor in Public Administration
Hans Wiegel - Oud-vice minister-president
Prof. dr. Th.A.J. Toonen - Hoogleraar institutionele Bestuurskunde Universiteit Twente & Universiteit Leiden
Dr. G.J. Wijers - Voorzitter Nationaal Comité Inhuldiging, Vervangend Voorzitter Shell
Sophie in ‘t Veld - Europarlementarier
Dr. A.H.G. Rinnooy Kan - Lid Eerste Kamer en voormalig voorzitter SER

Visit Indonesian Embassy

15 januari 2018 -

While most of you are still enjoying the holidays, the master committee has already been very busy with organizing the next excursion: a visit to the Indonesian embassy where we will meet the Indonesian Ambassador to the Netherlands. This event will take place on the 5th of February from 10.30 am until 12.30 am. The Ambassador will tell us something about his work and the ties between Indonesia and The Netherlands. Futhermore, there will be a Q&A-session in which you can ask your questions. There are no costs attached to this event. If you would like to join us, please subscribe before the 30th of January by sending a mail to with a valid copy of your ID/passport. Take into account that there is only a limited number of visitors possible!

Master trip: Brussels

6 december 2017 -

Of course, the Masterstudents are not forgotten and a studytrip is organized for current Masterstudents, but also for students who will start their Master’s in February. The destination of this year’s trip is the heart of the European Union: Brussels. We will stay in Brussels from the 23rd of January untill the 25th of January. Would you like to get to know your fellow Masterstudents and experience a fun trip: sign up for only €51,-! This includes transport, accommodation and excursions (NAVO).

B.I.L.-SPIL party: American House Party!

12 november 2017 -

On behalf of the SPIL and the B.I.L. Uncle Sam invites you for a real American House Party! The party will take place at the Magistrat in The Hague. We will dance the night away, at 11 pm and the party ends at 4 am. The Magistrat will be transformed into an American Walhalla so you can show all the partypeople your best cheerleader moves. We expect you to show us your inner American in the best party outfit you can think of.

We hope to see you all the 28th of November in the Magistrat in The Hague.

Master Meet & Greet

28 oktober 2017 -

Also this year there will be events for the various specializations within the MSc of Public Administration. One of the events is the Master Meet & Greet. This is an excellent opportunity for invited organizations and master students to get in touch with each other. It is a way to meet the organizations and a good opportunity to get ideas for possible internships, and a final transition to the labor market. The Master Meet & Greet will take place on Wednesday 6 December from 15:00 to 18:00. Stay tuned for mor information by liking our Facebookpage.

Master-Alumni Walking Dinner

16 februari 2017 -

The Master-Alumni Walking Dinner will take place on the 2nd of March in de Tijd. The theme of this evening will be making contact with alumni of the study association B.I.L. Do you want to know how it is to work in the field? Then join us at the Master-Alumni Walking Dinner in de Tijd, here we will have a bit to eat and enjoy some drinks. During this you can network with professionals of the workingfield of Public Administration. The costs for this evening will be only €6,- for the food, drinks are for you own costs. You can sign up for this event by clicking on this link:
Don’t wait to long, there are only limited amount of parcipants we can host.

Meet & Greet Masters

22 november 2016 -

On the 30th of November from 5pm till 7pm the B.I.L. will invite many organizations for a meet & greet with master students for internships. Are you looking for an internship or do you want orientate yourself on an internship, then join us on this event to talk and network on this subject. This event will be held in the restaurant of Stichthage, above The Hague Central Station. More information on the organizations that will be present is coming soon. You can subscribe here:

G4S Crisis and Security Master Drink

19 september 2016 -

Master students, block your agendas on the 27th of September! The study association of public administration, the B.I.L., would like to invite you to our G4S formal business drink. You will also meet master students from the study association of political science. G4S is market leader in the field of safety and security solutions. You will get the opportunity to meet the Dutch board of G4S during this formal business drink. In the past, several members of our study association have successfully completed their internships at this global player. Would you like to take this opportunity and have a drink with G4S? We will meet you at the G4S Crisis and Security drink at Café Berger (Plein 18, The Hague) at 5PM. The dress code is formal.

Welcome to the B.I.L.

11 september 2016 -

Welcome to the website of study association B.I.L.! Here you’ll find all information about our activities, education, internships/vacancies and more.
Want to become a member of the B.I.L.? Click here.